Pokemon Go Solstice Event Details – Field Research Tasks And More

Solstice event in Pokemon Go will go live from Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 10 am to Sunday, June 20, 2021, at 8 pm (local time). Users will get an opportunity to catch all new pokemons and collect various rewards. Pokemon Go users should complete the limited time field research tasks to collect variety of rewards.

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Pokemon Go Solstice Event Details 2021

solstice event details

Here are the Pokemon Solstice Event Details June 2021:

Field Research Tasks Details:

Research Task Rewards
Collect 5 Solrock Lunatone or Solrock Encounter
Get 5 Lunatone Solrock or Lunatone Encounter
Collect 15 Lunatone 1 Silver Pinap Berry
Get 15 Solrock 1 Silver Berry (Pinap)
Walk With Buddy And Earn 3 Candies Snorunt or Yanma Encounter
Spin 7 Gyms or Pokestops 3 Registeel, Regice or Regirock Candy
Catch Any 10 Pokemon Yanma or Snorunt Encounter
Level Up 3 or Above Get 3 Regigigas Candy
Catch Pokemon Using 3 Golden Razz Berries 3 Registeel, Regirock or Regice Candy


Lunatone and Solrock Location Details

Both solrock and lunatone pokemon will get appeared in all regions of the globe. But, since they both are regional pokemons users might see them in specific part of the globe.

When the solstice event ends the lunatone pokemon will get appear only in eastern hemisphere and solrock pokemon in the western hemisphere.

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Which Pokemons Are Appearing In Solstice Event?

  • You will see main Solrock , Klink and Lunatone pokemon during the event in the wild.
  • Snorlax and Spheal will also get appeared worldwide.
  • For Northern hemisphere you will see Chimchar, and Yanma pokemons.
  • In Southern hemisphere Snover and Snorunt Pokemons will get appeared.


The Solstice event is also features to release the shiny forms of pokemons like Snorunt, Yanma, and Regigigas. Walk with your buddy pokemon during the solstice event and earn more rewards.


Regigigas Pokemon Details

solstice event details

Name: Regigigas (Exclusively Regional Pokemon)

Type: Normal Pokemon

Weight: 420.0 kg

Height: 12’02”

Gender: Genderless

HP: 110

Attack: 160

Defense: 110

Special Attack: 80

Defense Special: 110

Speed: 100


Lunatone Pokemon Details

solstice event details

Name: Lunatone (Regional Pokemon)

Type: Rock and Phychic Pokemon

Height: 1.0 m

Weight: 168 kg

Candy Cost For Second Charge Move: 50

Stardust Cost For Second Charge Move: 5000

Maximum CP: 2631

Attack: 178

Defense: 153

Stamina: 207

Best Moves: Psychic and Rock Throw

Vulnerable To: Dark, Grass, Bug, Ghost, Steel and Water Type Moves.

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