Pokemon Go Friend Codes May 2022 – Live Trainer Codes

Hello Pokémon Go Trainers, Here you will get Pokemon Go Friend Codes 2022 from all regions around the world along with player’s country and username details. We have compiled a list of Pokemon Go Trainer Codes given below, Facilitated with a search-bar feature which allows you to select your choice of pokemon go friend code using player’s name, country name, and trainer code.

Pokémon Go has introduced this new feature to help users to connect with each other. Participate in this new pokemon go friendship level feature to send gifts, trade pokemon, and earn many more rewards.

I hope you already know what is pokemon go friend code or trainer code (both are same). But in case you’re new user to the pokemon go game then for you we have clarified what is pokemon friend codes? see below paragraph please.

What is Pokemon Go Friend Code?

The pokemon go friend code is a user specific 12 digit code provided to each user of pokemon go game. Each and every single user of pokemon go game has its own unique pokemon go friend code or we can say pokemon go trainer code.

Many users might get confused in between friend codes and trainer codes, but let me clear your doubts both are same. It’s just that some users are called it trainer code and some called it as friend codes because it is used to add new friends.

Overseas Pokemon Go Trainer Codes Available

pokemon go friend codes 2021


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How To Add New Friends on Pokemon Go Game?

Follow below given steps:

1) Open the Pokemon Go Game.

2) Select “Avatar” button located in the bottom left side of your screen.

3) Press on “Friends” located on top of the screen.

4) Tap on “Add Friend” button and enter your pokemon go friend’s code here.

5) Click on “Send” button and sent your friend request to your friend.

6) When your friend accepts your friend request you will get notified by the game.

Share this procedure with your pokemon go friends and family to help them add you in their pokemon go family.


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How To Add Mates Using Pokemon Go QR Codes?

Yes, on an alternative way you can also send friend request by just scanning QR code of your friend. let’s see how exactly you can use pokemon go qr codes:

1) First of all, open the game and tap on “Avatar” icon.

2) Click on “Friends” button.

3) Press on “Add Friend” and on next screen you will see “QR Code” option.

4) Click on it and scan the QR Code of your pokemon go friend.

5) When your friend accepts your invitation to become part of your pokemon go family you will get notification from the app.

How To Get Your Pokemon Go Trainer Code?

1) Open the pokemon go game.

2) Click on your “Avatar” icon located in bottom left side. see the first image below.

3) You will get to your profile section, Tap on the “Friends”section, see 2nd image below.

4) Now, Click on “Add Friend” button, see 3rd image below.

pokemon go friend codes 2021

5) You will get your pokemon go trainer code here. You can either click on Share My Trainer Code button and share your code on social media platforms. Or you can just tap on “Copy My Trainer Code” to copy your code in your clipboard.

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Benefits of Adding Friends in Pokemon Go:

  1. Gets You More Different Perks
  2. Reduces Trade Cost While Trading Pokemon
  3. Boosts Your Raid Attacks
  4. Gives You Extra Premier Balls
  5. Reducing Your Trading Stardust Requirement
  6. Receive a Boost Attack When Battling With Your Friend
  7. Gives Ability To Share an EX Raid Invite


What Are The Friendship Levels in Pokemon Go?

Friend Level

  • Add new friend and receive bonus.
  • Trade pokemons with your friend which are already registered in your pokedex.


Good Friend Level

  • Once you play together for 1 day you will reach to this level.
  • In this friendship level special trades get unlocked.
  • Get a 3% attack boost bonus.


Great Friend Level

  • Play for 7 days with your friend to reach at this level.
  • Get an extra premier ball while participate in a raid with your friend.
  • When battling together you will get a 5% attack boost bonus.
  • 20% reduction in trading stardust requirements.


Ultra Friend Level

  • Play together for 30 days to reach at ultra friend level.
  • Receive 2 premier balls when participating in a raid with your friend.
  • You can share an EX Raid invite each other.
  • When battling together get a medium 7% attack boost bonus.
  • 92% reduction in the trading stardust requirements.

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Best Friend Level

  • Play together for at-least 90 days to unlock the top best friend level.
  • You will receive 4 extra premier balls while taking raid with your friend.
  • Able to share an EX Raid invite with your pokemon go friend.
  • Get a large 10% attack boost bonus when battling together.
  • There is a large reduction of 96% in the trading stardust requirements.


How To Increase Friendship Level Faster?

First of all you should add as much friends as possible and play the game together. Because pokemon go game provides tons of XP points to users having more friends. If you and your friends complete activities in a correct manner, then you will get a lucky egg that will double your XP.

Following are the XP rewards information which you will get at every friendship level system of pokemon go game.

Friendship Level XP Rewards
Good Friends 3k XP
Great Friends 10k XP
Ultra Friends 50k XP
Best Friends 100k XP

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What Gift Items That You Can Send To Your Friends?

  • Pinap Berries
  • Pokeballs, Great balls, Ultra balls
  • Revives (Including Max Revives)
  • Stardust
  • 7 KM Eggs For Hatching Baby Pokemons and Alolan Pokemons
  • Potions, Hyper Potions and Super Potions
  • Items For Pokemon Evolution – Up Grade and King’s Rock

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What is Gift Sending And Receiving Limit?

Looking at the trend, Niantic has recently increased sending and receiving gift limits. Now, you can send 100 gifts in a day. Your friend is eligible to receive only 1 gift in a day.

You can open 20 gifts in a day but restricted to 1 gift per friend. Out of the gifts received you can hold upto 10 gifts at a time. These limits are reset everyday in a midnight.

From Where You Can Find Gift Items?

Pokemon go players can find gift items from 2 ways. Either you can get gifts from a buddy pokemon or by spinning nearby pokestops. In addition to this 2 sources players can also get rewards from raids, mega raids, battles, spotlight hours, community day events etc.

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How To Send Gift To Pokemon Go Friend?

  • Goto Map View> Trainer Profile.
  • Click on Friends Tab and Open Your Pokemon Go Friend List.
  • Now, Select Your Friend To Which You Want To Send Gifts.
  • Tap on the ‘Send Gift’ Button.
  • Choose 1 Gift From The Gifts That Are Available To Send.
  • At Last, Click On The ‘Send’ Button and That’s It! Your Gift Is Successfully Sent To Your Friend.

Some More Information About Pokemon Go:

Every user of pokemon go should participate in pokemon go community day events, raids and battle leagues in order to increase their in game level. As you level up in game you will be able to catch more powerful pokemons. By hatching eggs you can add new pokemons into your pokedex.

As like the original pokemon cartoon series you can select one of your pokemon as your buddy pokemon. The buddy pokemon will walk with you and support you in difficult battles.

You should search for pokemon in their respective native environment. For example near lakes and ocean you can find and catch water type pokemon.

Visit your nearest pokemon gyms and battle with teams for the ownership of respective gyms. Team up with upto 20 pokemon go trainers and beat raid bosses to receive a powerful pokemon in your pokedex.

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