How To Evolve Eevee Into Shiny Sylveon Pokemon

Hello friends, today i would like to share one important trick regarding pokemon go game. This naming trick is applicable in all regions around the globe, so don’t worry about it. This is about evolution of your Eevee into shiny Sylveon pokemon. Let’s see the full process step by step:


How To Evolve Eevee Into Shiny Sylveon?

1) First of all catch by yourself one Eevee.

2) Accumulate 25 candies for evolve.

3) Change your Eevee Pokemon’s name to “Kira”.

4) After renamed you will see a silhouette appear with the “Evolve” button, tap on it.

5) That’s it! You have successfully evolved Eevee into Sylveon pokemon. Thanks for watching.

Important Note: This naming trick only works once. If you try this trick multiple time it won’t get done. Follow above given steps carefully, if you have not follow any step and renamed your eevee to Kira then you won’t get it after.

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How To Evolve More Then One Eevee Into Sylveon?

1) Got an Eevee and make it as your buddy pokemon.

2) Then accumulate at-least 70 hearts with your Eevee and level it up as your great buddy pokemon.

3) At last, you will see evolve option after completion of above 2 steps.

4) Tap on Evolve button and that’s it.

5) Now, repeat this process for each Eevee pokemon registered in your pokedex and evolve all your Eevee’s into sylveon.

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Eevee Pokemon Stats


  • Eevee #133
  • Height: 1’00”
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs
  • Abilities: Run Away and adaptability
  • Type: Normal Pokemon
  • Weakness: Fighting
  • Evolution: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon.


Sylveon Pokemon


  • Type: Fairy Pokemon.
  • Height: 3’03”
  • Weight: 51.8 lbs
  • Ability: Cute Charm
  • Strength: Resist Dark, Bug, Dragon and Fighting Moves.
  • Weakness: Steel and Poison Attacks.
  • Stamina: 182
  • Attack: 172
  • CP: Maximum 3069


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