Galarian Slowpoke Evolution Into Galarian Slowbro – Guidance

galarian slowpoke evolution

For Galarian Slowpoke Evolution into Galarian Slowbro Pokemon, you should first catch the slowpoke pokemon. You can catch Galarian Slowpoke in ‘A Very Slow Discovery’ event which is live now.

You can catch galarian slowpoke in following ways:

1) Field research tasks of a very slow discovery season event. You can evolve total 3 slowpokes pokemon from this research task.

2) You can also gotcha slowpoke out of One Star Raids.

Now, after catching galarian slowpoke you can move forward for the procedure of evolution of slowpoke into slowbro (its next upgrade pokemon).


How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into Galarian Slowbro?

Following items are required for evolving slowpoke in to slowbro pokemon.

  • 50 Slowpoke Candies
  • 30 Poison Type Pokemons

Important Note: First make galarian slowpoke as your buddy pokemon then start catching poison type pokemons.

How To Catch Poison Type Pokemons For Galarian Slowbro?

For attracting poison type pokemon you should place Mossy Lure Module at PokeStops in your pokemon go game.

How To Get Slowpoke Candy?

Walk 3 KM with slowpoke as your buddy pokemon and you will get slowpoke candies. You can also use pinap berries while catching any slowpoke version pokemon to get double amount of catch candy.

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Galarian Slowpoke Details

galarian slowpoke evolution

  • Type: Psychic and Water Pokemon
  • Weight: 79.4 lbs or 36.0 kg
  • Height: 3’11” or 1.2 m
  • Abilities: Own Tempo and Oblivious
  • HP: 90
  • Defense: 65
  • Attack: 65
  • Special Attack: 40
  • Special Defense: 40
  • Speed: 15
  • Movesets: Confusion, Iron Tail, Psyshock, Psychic, and Surf.


Slowbro Pokemon Details

galarian slowpoke evolution

  • Abilities: Quick Draw and Quick Claw
  • Movesets: Psychic, Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb, Water Gun, Poison Jab, Shell Side Arm, Yawn, Fire Blast, and Confusion.
  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 110
  • Special Attack: 100
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 30


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